24.11.2017 | Ajankohtaista

Supersankarit vapaaehtoistyössä

Jos olisit supersankarihahmo, niin millainen olisit? Mitä supervoimia omistaisit?

Keravan nuorisopalveluissa työskentelee kaksi supersankaria, European Voluntary Service -nuorta kymmenen kuukautta vapaaehtoistyössä. He haluavat esittäytyä teille ja kertoa hiukan itsestään:

”My name is Juanjo and I´m 25 years old. I came from the south of Spain (Almería) in the beginning of September as volunteer to The European Voluntary Service to share my time with the children, the youngsters and all the community of Kerava.

I studied the degree of education in my country in addition to professional training related to audiovisuals. As a curious person, I needed to live a long experience abroad, and I really love Finland. Why? Nature, the education system, and Nightwish! In this 10 months, I expect to discover more and more, especially the people, which is the most important.

About what you can expect from me… well, I try to be funny all the time, but working seriously, I love playing music (piano, guitar, tin whistle and even singing), the photography, doing short films, volleyball, running, the fantasy films, and reading books. but all these things are only words.

The best way is knowing me personally. Don´t be afraid of talking to me, but at first, it should be in English or Spanish because I don´t speak much Finnish yet. I would like to learn a lot of you, and, if you want, I can share all I know about Spain and much more with you.

Now you can find me in the different places managed by the Kerava Youth Services willing to help you in many diferent ways!”

”My name is Michael. I am 28 years old and I am from Austria, more exactly from the capital city called Vienna. I have been living in Vienna my whole lifetime.

About my family, I have a father, mother, two sisters and two nieces. I also have a lot of pets like rabbits or hamsters. On my few friends I can rely heavily on if I am sufering hardships.

At the age of ten I began to play the piano until the age of 16. Apart from that I liked and still like to play football, table football and tennis should the occasion arise (e.g. I played in secondary school with some guys table football).

I was in school for 12 years. After school, I studied at the university. During school, I made a journey through Europe with one of my classmates. We were in Italy, Greece, France and Spain. We spent in these countries in total one month. We made this trip during the summer holidays at the age of 17. We went backpacking by train, ship or feet. We slept in our tent or on the street and in railstations. Only a few times we slept in motels. This trip was very experiencing and I can recommend you highly to take such a trip but maybe it`s better to sleep in motels than on the streets or somewhere else.”